Why Refinance?

Here are 4 potential reasons why a Costco member may want to refinance their home:

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Lower Interest Rates/Mortgage Payment

We have seen the lowest interest rates in our Country’s history! With interest rates so low, millions of homeowners were able to refinance, and substantially reduce the interest rate on their mortgage, thus bringing down their monthly payments. Check to see if you can lower your interest rates today!

Debt Consolidation

Since most credit cards or revolving debt may come with a high rate of interest, many homeowners use the equity in their home to pay off these liabilities. With lower mortgage rates this is a great way to reduce your overall monthly expenditure. By rolling those into your mortgage, you could reduce these payments. Check out our rates!

Get Cash Out

Members can utilize the equity in their home and put it to work. In most cases, Costco members have built equity in their homes at the same time as they paid down their mortgages. Taking cash out could be a great way for Costco members to accomplish personal and financial goals. For instance, a home improvement project, college tuition for the kids, unforeseen medical bills or to just simply start building a nest egg, are many reasons that people utilize the equity in their home when they refinance. Click here to shop mortgage rates.

Reducing the Term

30 years is a long time and often by the time the 30 years are over you may have already retired. Depending on your current loan, you may be able to go from a 30-year term down to a 15 or 20 year with little or no effect on the monthly payment. Check out refinance terms today!

Why Refinance with the Mortgage Program?

The Mortgage Program for Costco Members has developed relationships with a number of participating lenders that have committed to providing Costco members with superior service, competitive rates, and exclusive benefits. With The Mortgage Program for Costco Members, see if you can lower your monthly payment or interest rate.

To view rates and fees as well as exclusive benefits for Costco members, complete the simple questionnaire above or contact the Mortgage Program at 800.793.0759.